Academic Program

About the Software Engineering Program

The Software Engineering bachelor’s degree was established in 2007 as a joint program between the Department of Computer Science and Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Since Fall of 2017, it has been an interdisciplinary program between the College of Engineering and the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences.

Iowa State’s Software Engineering students interact with a diverse faculty and student body gaining expertise in computer science, engineering, and math to prepare them to design, develop, and evaluate software, configure and install computer systems, and build and maintain software systems throughout their lifecycles. This educational preparation positions Iowa State’s Software Engineering graduates for the most in-demand technology professions.

Software Engineering at Iowa State University continues to be one of the fastest growing majors. In Spring 2017, it was the 12th largest major with 573 undergraduates. By Fall 2019, the program grew to 825 enrolled students.

Iowa State University’s Software Engineering bachelor’s degree program was ranked sixth in the nation in 2018 by College Choice, according to academic reputation, student satisfaction, affordability and average annual salary of graduates. Iowa State received sixth place on a list of 20 top university programs.

In the summer of 2018 Iowa State University’s Software Engineering Program was ranked second from on the top 10 best colleges for software engineering degree programs in the U.S..

This jointly administered program is led by Director, Dr. Akhilesh Tyagi and supported by several faculty committees, a student services team, and a student services coordinator. The structure is composed of the following:

Organizational Structure

ChartColleges: College of Engineering and College of Liberal Art & Sciences

Director: Akhilesh Tyagi

Faculty-Led Committees:

ABET Assessment Committee
Akhilesh Tyagi (chair), Henry Duwe, Ali Jannesari

Senior Design Committee
Akhilesh Tyagi (chair), Simanta Mitra, Hongwei Zhang, Jason Follett

Undergraduate Curriculum Committee
Goce Trajcevski (Chair), Samik Basue, Suresh Kothari, Andrew Miner

Petitions Subcommittee (of Undergraduate Curriculum Committee)
Ashraf Gaffar, Wei Le

Student Services Coordinator II: Lani McKinney

Student Services:
Advisor III – Jason Follett
Advisor II – Kate Jurgenson
Advisor II – Heidi Seegers